Thursday, 13th November, 2014

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Friends,

Today’s workforce is more sophisticated, diverse and informed than even before. As a result, the "My way or the Highway" command-and-control approach to education does not exist any longer.

Students are looking for something different, and better. They demand leaders who not only get results, but who win the trust and respect of their superiors.

We at Rose Bud "Nurture Infancy" Buds that gracefully turn into flowers that are not only spread a sweet smelling aroma, but fruits that last forever. In other words leaders who build a culture of partnership and affirm people’s sense of self-worth by letting them know that what they do is important. Rose Bud believes that when you tune into what students really want, you can help them to outperform anyone, paving the way for a brighter India and this world a better place to live in.

God bless you all.

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